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In our mission to provide a  truly holistic approach to your health, Holistic Wellness offers Regenerative Treatment Services with Dr. Arkam Rehman, M.D.

As an alternative to traditional invasive surgeries, Regenerative Injection Therapies tap and strengthen the body’s innate ability to heal itself. Based on your condition and goals, Dr. Arkam applies various non-invasive methods to restore structure and function of damage caused by injury and disease.

Dr. Arkam Rehman is a Board Certified Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation Physician with subspecialty board certification in Pain Medicine, who has extensive training & experience in treating spine and other musculoskeletal/sports related pain problems including headaches & migraines.

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Regenerative injections of stem cells, PHP, and other natural treatments can be highly effective for:

* Arthritis/Osteoarthritis
* Chronic Back Pain
* Knee Injuries
* Sciatica
*Rotator Cuff Injuries
*Chronic Joint Pain
*Spinal Cord Injuries
*Cervical, lumbar, and sacral pain
*Cosmetic enhancement
*And more…

We are excited to reveal how we’ve been effectively helping countless people get off their pain medications, stop taking cortisone injections and completely avoid surgery with Regenerative Injections.

Regenerative Medicine Treatment Testimonials